Ki Teitzei - 15th September / 12 Elul 5776

This week’s parasha (Torah portion) contains a commandment against cross-dressing: “A woman must not put on a man’s apparel, nor shall a man wear woman’s clothing;….” (Deut. 22:5) This act, which is considered “abhorrent” in the Torah, is part of a larger set of laws that have to do with improper mixing of categories. In ancient society, those who cross-dressed may have been thought to be seeking out improper sexual relations or trying to deceive others about their true identity. But, today cross-dressing is most often by transgender or gender non-conforming individuals, seeking to not be defined by what society deems a certain gender should wear. At Beth Hillel, we are just beginning to grapple with how we can be more inclusive of gender non-conforming folks who are part of our community. Our Reform Movement adopted a far-reaching resolution on this topic almost a year ago at the biennial URJ convention. In the coming months, you will have an opportunity to learn about and discuss this topic through a Jewish lens—beginning on Yom Kippur and at other times as well. Please join in this important conversation.

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