Ki Tavo - 22 September / 19 Elul 5776

Ki Tavo - In this week’s parasha, speaking and listening take center stage in what is expected of the People of Israel once they enter the Land of Israel.   Moses tells them that when they harvest the first fruits of their planting: “Va’anita, v’amarta lifnai Adonai Eloheicha,” “You will answer and speak out before God.” (Deut 26:5) Later, Moses adds: “Haskeit u’shma Yisrael,” "Pay attention and hearken Israel, on this day you have become a people to the Eternal, your God. Follow all of God’s commandments. (26:17) Speak out and hearken: It was good advice at the return to settlement in the Land of Israel in our epic Torah story. It is good advice for us now in this time of political turmoil in America. And its advice that reaches beyond the campaign to our own lives and relationships as well. I will elaborate on this message in my sermon at Shabbat services at 7:30pm tomorrow night.

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