Va’era January 11, 2018

Early in this week’s parasha, we hear the state of mind of the Israelites described as “kotzer ruach.” (Ex. 6:9) A literal translation is “shortness of breath,” which is how Rashi translates it. But “ruach” is both spirit and breath in Hebrew, which is, in and of itself, interesting. Therefore, we also find translations like “shortness of spirit” (Everett Fox), impatience (Nachmanides) and “dispirited” (Michael Walzer). Those who practice meditation, yoga and breathing know that breath and spirit are indeed intertwined and interdependent. Concentrating on breathing is a way to control, focus and calm one’s spirit. When we are short of breath, we are short of energy and perhaps even seriously ill. When we are short of spirit, we are short of passion, hope, and the ability to act. This is the condition Moses and Aaron found the Israelites in when first approaching Pharaoh to free them from bondage. They needed to learn to breathe and realize that they had a life force yet in them--physically and spiritually.

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