Behar-Bechukotai - May 10, 2018

In this week’s parasha, the Sabbatical year is described.  The land was to lie fallow every seventh year to provide rest and renewal for the land, just as people were provided Shabbat for rest and renewal.  In Lev. 25: 21, the text states that people need not worry about starving during that 7th year because God will “ordain my blessing for you in the sixth year, so that it will yield a crop sufficient for three years.”  This concept is reminiscent of the manna that fell in the wilderness.  Enough for two days fell on the 6th day so that the Israelites did not have to go out and gather on Shabbat.  While this promise of a bumper crop miracle may have buoyed the spirits of the Israelites as they anticipated the Sabbatical year, it undoubtedly also caused them to save, store, and plan for the Sabbatical themselves.  While we pray and hope that God will provide in moments of anticipated deficits, we need to act in our own best interest to assure ourselves a future.  As I write these words, I cannot help but think of the planning we are currently doing to assure smooth sailing at BHT while I am on “Sabbatical” this summer.  The goal is study, renewal and reinvigoration for a rabbi.  In the meantime, the congregation functions without the rabbi, which may engender some concern.  Rest assured, we have planned well and set things in place for the summer, including the hiring of a student rabbi.   Our hope is that this advance planning will, in the words of the Torah portion, “be a blessing for you.”

May FOOD OF THE MONTH: canned or dried beans

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