Bemidbar May 17, 2018

There are many verses in the Torah in which both Moses and Aaron are mentioned.  But very seldom do we find Aaron listed first, as in Numbers 3:1:  “This is the line of Aaron and Moses….”  A list of both of their descendants should follow, but, in fact, only Aaron’s line is mentioned.  A. B. Ehrlich explained: “while in monarchy and priesthood hereditary succession obtains, it does not in matters of prophecy.” (UAHC Torah, p. 1047)  Thus, even if Moses wanted to pass on his leadership position to his progeny, he could not. Only God can give the gift that made Moses a leader: Prophecy. Therefore Moses’ sons need not be mentioned in this list of inherited leadership. This weekend, the world will witness another royal wedding in England. Inherited leadership and the pageantry that goes along with it fascinate many.  But, for the past 2000 years since the destruction of the Temple, Jews have, for the most part, rejected inherited leadership. Scholarship rather than prophecy became the chief qualification.

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