D’var Torah Chayei Sarah Nov. 2, 2018

Chayei  Sarah

November 2, 2018


“Thus did Isaac take comfort after the death of his mother.”  (Gen. 24:67) This week, as a Jewish community and as a nation, we have confronted death and mourning.  This verse from parashat Chayei Sarah provides some wisdom for moving forward.  This verse concludes the story of Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah after the death of his mother Sarah.  Isaac is comforted after his mother’s death by finding new love and building a new bond of relational commitment.  In this week of grief, I have found comfort in words of support from friends, loved ones, and colleagues, and in the presence of the interfaith community.  These gestures and the relationships they represent have rekindled my hope in humanity and in our nation, in spite of disturbing events and trends.  Joining together as a Jewish community in joy and solidarity during this coming Shabbat is another way to counteract the evil we witnessed last Shabbat.   Join us on Friday or Saturday for #Solidarity Shabbat. We will pray, and we will discuss:  What has brought you strength and comfort this week?  Or share your thoughts in the comment space below.