D’var Torah First Day Pesach, April 19,2019


This Shabbat, there is a special Torah reading—the reading for the first day of Pesach.  The passage from Exodus 12 includes the commandment to those preparing to leave Egypt that they must recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt on that day every year “as an institution for all time.”  (12:24) This, of course, is the kernel of text from which grew the Haggadah and the Passover Seder.  In many of our Haggadot, we find a sidebar story about a group of rabbis who stayed up all night expounding on the Exodus story in the city of B’ne B’rak.   We are told that they were so wrapped up in this that they had to be reminded when morning came to recite the Sh’ma.  This story found its way into the Haggadah to teach us that no matter how well we know the story of the Exodus; no matter how many times we have heard it; no matter how elaborately we discuss it, we tell it again and again.  We are never exempt from this mitzvah.  So, enjoy your Seders and feel free to expound on the story of our ancestors flight from slavery into freedom.  Chag Samei’ach.

Rabbi D. Feingold