August 2015

Hard to believe we are on the verge of another High Holy Days season. Can a year have gone by already? As I take a moment to consider the time, this is some of what comes to my mind.

Taking stock of our BHT community, we have accomplished quite a lot this past year. Making the community easier to join through the member commitment process which has allowed us to communicate the financial needs of the congregation in a meaningful way while also keeping the reasons to sustain a community like ours clear in everyone’s mind.

While the loss of our long-time temple administrator is hard, and her 10 years of service noble – we must be happy for Ms. Lois Bruno as she pursues new opportunities. It would be selfish in a sense to hold her back, and we can take comfort in knowing her contributions to our temple office and community will be fondly remembered.

As we open new chapters in temple operations, with improved data management and payment systems we can be confident that the new staff and temple volunteers should find things easier to operate going forward. We enter the New Year ready for the challenges ahead.

I also think of apples and honey. This is not only because they are good to eat, but also that the sweetness they symbolize for the New Year is embodied within our BHT community as a whole. BHT is a sweet place to be, and with the great friends and sense of community we have here this next year will certainly be a great one!

Shana tovah, and best wishes for the New Year!
Vic Vercammen