Bereishit October 11, 2017

This week, both on Simchat Torah (tonight and tomorrow) and this Shabbat, we read from Bereishit, the first parasha of the Torah. Last Shabbat, at our first bi-monthly Torah Study class, we started with the very first word.  Everyone in the class was able to recite the translation of this word (also Bereishit) in English:   “In the beginning.”  But, surprisingly, we noted in the various Bibles and Torah commentaries we had before us, there are other translations:  “When God began (to create)….” “When God was about to (create)…”   What we had all learned was in fact just one interpretation of what “Bereishit” means.  Even translations are interpretations.  We had such a good time discussing the word “Bereishit” and its impact on the rest of the verse, that we will still be on Gen. 1:1, when the class meets again on Oct 21.  If this intrigues you, join us!  In the meantime, we will read from the end of Deuteronomy and the first days of Creation tonight and tomorrow morning on Simchat Torah.  Chag Samei’ach!