Beshallach 2016 Jan 23 / 13 Shevat, 5776

In this week’s parasha, the Israelites finally leave Egypt and slavery and cross the Red (Reed) Sea into freedom. It is an uplifting and hopeful moment that signals a better life ahead. And yet, we know that our people still struggled mightily for millennia after this moment. Our freedom to live as Jews without oppression and discrimination was far from fully achieved. As we observe Kindness Week in Kenosha and reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, we sometimes look back on the Civil Rights era as a Red Sea moment when the waters parted and a better life was on the “other side” for our African American neighbors. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we see all around us that the scourge of racism has not been defeated and that the struggle continues, just as it did for our people after the Red Sea. I will be addressing this subject as part of Kindness Week on Friday night at 7:30pm Shabbat Services. I will reflect on the book Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi Coates.

 Exodus 13:17−17:16