Beth Hillel Beit Sefer

Hello Again From Beit Sefer Beth Hillel! We’re moving full speed ahead into the new school year! After the High Holidays and Sukkot, the BSBH staff and students are hard at work and having another fantastic year! We have thirty students in Sunday school spread over five classes from K-9th grade, with Temple Tots and Confirmation adding another ten. Thankfully we have a first-rate staff to keep them on task! It’s such an amazing group of talented teachers (morim) and student aides (ozrim). They certainly make my job easier! Sukkot is always a fun holiday for the students and this year was no different. Any excuse to get outside! The students, staff and parents all did a great job with the crafts and transformed a bare sukkah into a beautiful place to worship (and have lunch!). Thank you to everyone who donated, decorated and/or helped with the construction. The new year also brought a new school schedule! Except for the Rabbi’s B’nai Mitzvah class, all students now have Hebrew lessons on Sunday mornings only….no more Wednesday Hebrew school for 3-6th grade. It took a little retooling of the schedule, but it seems to work well for everyone! Along with the new Hebrew schedule, we also introduced an online Hebrew platform. The creative digital learning options give the students the ability to access their lessons electronically, whether in class or at home. It’s still fairly new to us and we’re fine tuning as we go, but so far so good! We have a relatively small student body, but we are mighty…especially when it comes to tzedakah! At the end of the last school year, each class chose a charitable organization to give their tzedakah to. The students chose: March of Dimes, Safe Harbor Kenosha, Camp CAR, Israel Global Giving Foundation & the Kenosha Literacy Council. I’m proud to say they raised over $600! The charities are very appreciative and the students learn a valuable lesson. It’s really a win-win! Please feel free to contact me with any school-related questions. We still have Bagel Buddies every Sunday from 8:45a.m. til 9:15a.m….stop in and have a bagel with us.

Todd Letven,Administrator