BHT’s Solar Powered Chanukiyah

A very special Chanukah tradition at Beth Hillel is the lighting of our chanukiyah (menorah) each night at sunset on the sidewalk in front of the Temple. The celebration of Chanukah is centered literally and figuratively around the act of bringing light into darkness. We do that quite concretely each night during the holiday.

Our chanukiyah was designed and built just for us. This will be the fourth year it has stood in front of the Temple. Michael and Rich conceived of the idea. Michael provided a donation to fund its construction and Rich put it together from scraps of materials left over from other projects as well as a few purchased items.

Below is a slide show which illustrates its construction. First he dismantled Christmas bulbs and adapted their sockets to mount strips of LED lights. Each flame is a strip of six LED light bulbs wrapped in vellum.

The chanukiyah is solar-powered. By a miracle in keeping with the holiday, each year the solar panels gather enough light during the day to power the candles through all 8 nights. Rich met the challenge of building something which could be seen from far away and which did not require an electric cord running from the building, a risky proposition subject to vandalism.

Thank you Rich and Michael for providing us with this wonderful symbol of the holiday and to Wayne who keeps it ready to be turned on and who turns it off each morning at dawn. Come help us light it this season.