BO 2016 Jan 16 / 6 Shevat, 5776

This week’s parasha contains the last three plagues that are brought upon Egypt, and finally, the Israelites actually leaving Egypt to freedom. Ever since the animated film Prince of Egypt came out, I have had that moment of the departure from Egypt seared in my mind in beautiful color and music. Some of you may think more of the Cecil B. DeMille cinematic portrayal of the masses leaving Egypt, but for me the emotion of the moment is captured best in the Hebrew song “Ashira” that was written for the more recent animated film. The words are taken from next week’s parasha, Beshallach, specifically from the song of celebration at the Red Sea, Shirat Hayam, including the well-known words from our liturgy: Mi Chamocha. But, the moment it is sung in the film is when the throngs depart Egypt, urged on by the Egyptian people, as we find it described Ex. 12: 31-42 in this week’s parasha.

Exodus 10:1−13:16