Bo – February 2, 2017

D’var Torah (A bit of Torah study from Rabbi Feingold) Bo

In Torah portion Bo, the exodus finally occurs: “At the end of the four hundred and thirtieth year (of the sojourn in Egypt), to the very day, all the ranks of the Eternal One departed from the land of Egypt.” (Ex. 12:41)  Recall that our Israelite ancestors came to Egypt as refugees, fleeing famine in their homeland of Canaan.  In Joseph’s time, they were welcomed, but the Pharaoh of Exodus feared our ancestors as an internal threat. (Ex. 1) Today’s America reverberates with echoes of this story.  A fear of foreigners has already caused our nation to reject many seeking refuge here.  Fear is a powerful force.  It is crucial that we rise above xenophobia, lest our nation become a modern-day Egypt that embraces wholesale a worldview that allows the oppression of newcomers and leads to a modern day exodus.