Chayei Sarah November 9, 2017

Each week our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students study one verse from the week’s parasha in Hebrew class.  In this week’s lesson, they read about the death of Sarah (Gen 23:2) and then looked at some laws about death and burial.  A passage from the Shulchan Arukh code of law is presented:  “A dying person should not be left alone because… a person learns something important from witnessing a death.” (Yoreh Deah 339.4)  It is not always possible to be at the bedside of a loved one when s/he dies, but when it happens, it is unquestionably a profound honor from which we learn and grow.  It is a moment of sadness and loss, and yet it is deep and meaningful to help to usher another soul from this world into the world beyond.   About a month ago, many of our members had the opportunity to be with our dear friend, Marge Block, in her final hours.  We thought we were coming to a birthday party, and unexpectedly ended up at her death bed.  What a mitzvah it was for so many to observe the Jewish custom mentioned above.  The “something important” that each of us learned that day may be very personal, but Marge and her family learned how much we all cared.  May her memory always be a blessing in the Beth Hillel community.