Chol Hamo’ed – Pesach April 14, 2017

As we retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt each year at our Seders, we often place upon it our own imprint along with the stamp of the times in which we are living.  Egypt becomes a metaphor for any place where people are oppressed and persecuted; Pharaoh becomes any tyrant in our age; and the story of our people’s liberation represents the hope for the liberation of any nation or group that is suffering today.  But, can this time-honored tradition of making the Haggadah relevant be taken too far?  Are there some analogies that just don’t “work” and force the story of the exodus from Egypt into a comparison that should not be made?  At Shabbat services tomorrow night during these intermediate days of Passover, I will delve into this subject in my sermon.  Happy Pesach to all!