Support Beth Hillel Temple


Thank you for your willingness to make a contribution to support our congregation!

Donations to Beth Hillel Temple can be made by downloading, printing and mailing in a donation form with a check, or online.

Donations to the General Fund or the funds within the General Fund (high holy days, library, music, and youth scholarship) are recognized to assist with the ongoing operation of the Temple. The Leadership Council is ultimately responsible for the distribution of these funds.

Donations in in honor of or in memory of someone are encouraged. The person recognized, or their loved ones, will be notified by the Temple.



General- unspecified support of BHT expenditures as directed by the Leadership Council including high holy days, library, music, and youth scholarship.


Restricted Funds

Donations to the following are recognized and used only for the designated purpose chosen:

Rabbi’s Discretionary-  Learn-more
Spiritual Legacy- Learn-more

Capital Improvement /Building Accessibility- building improvements to enhance accessibility by those with disabilities