Dues & Contributions

Beth Hillel Temple has adopted a “Member Community Commitment” program in lieu of a more traditional categorical dues system. This approach empowers each member to become an active stakeholder in the support of the temple community. We ask our members to determine the level of support for the congregation which they are best able to provide. Members fill out a Pledge Form and submit it prior to July 1 every year. The pledge can be paid monthly, quarterly, or on an annual basis (July 1 – June 30 billing cycle) and may be paid online or with a check sent in to the Temple office. For more information, forms and payment links, see the Member Community Commitment Home Page under the Membership pull-down menu.

School Fees are in addition to dues.  For more information, see Religious and Hebrew School, under the Learning pull-down menu.

Contributions are always welcome, and can be made on-line or by check to the Temple office.  Click on the DONATE link at the very top of the BHT website.

Some events, for example dinners, have associated fees with payment expected prior to or at the event. Please RSVP by the due date. Payment/registration can be made online using links provided within specific event announcements, or by checks mailed to or turned into the temple office.