D’var Torah Purim 2019

Happy Purim!  As we read in the Book of Esther on this festive day, we find that the world that the Jews of Persia inhabited was turned upside down after King Achashveirosh negated Haman’s evil plan.rabbiDF  At the end of the Megillah, we read:  “The month … was turned to them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning to holiday…” (Esther 9: 22)  The Hebrew word for “turned” is “nehpach,”  literally “turned upside down.”  We often feel today that we live in a topsy -turvy world in which values we once thought universally shared are rejected and where places we once thought safe are the locus of human carnage.  Purim comes this year in the midst of week of sorrow and solemn commemorations after the tragedy in New Zealand.   It may be hard to keep the festive spirit for long when we look at the world around us.   And yet Purim is here to allow us, even just for this one day, to imagine a reversal of fortune when the world can be made right again.  Let us imagine it today and work to make it happen tomorrow.

Rabbi D. Feingold