February 2015

Ant hills need money, too…

For those of you paying close attention, I invoke the analogy of the ant a lot. I think there are many similarities between the small but mighty. Whether it be the power of participation or the sense that BHT is “bigger” than its size might otherwise predict I like the comparison.

And so it is with money. It is no secret to any of us that it takes money to operate nearly anything today and a congregation community is no exception. Staff, facilities, repairs and activities all take their fair share of the funds we have available.

What you may not know is, like most congregations, dues make up half or less of the money needed to do what BHT does. The difference is made up through the everyday generosity of members, giving what they can when they can.

Over the past year, a number of dedicated temple members have been researching what would be needed to fund 3 critical areas of need into the future:
• Accessibility improvements, such as an elevator and accessible restrooms.
• Capital funds for other building improvements, like A/C and other functional upgrades.
• Infusion of money to strengthen Spiritual Legacy and other foundational funds to prepare for
the present and future.

In the next few weeks, I expect some exciting news from the Capital Campaign committee. They will need all of us to give our time, energy and money. To paraphrase the great US Senator Everett Dirksen, a thousand here, a few thousand there and soon you’re talking real money! Every bit counts, every member matters and every contribution helps.

Beth Hillel Temple, small but mighty!