VA’EIRA – January 26, 2017

D’var Torah (A bit of Torah study from Rabbi Feingold) VA’EIRA

At the beginning of this week’s parasha (Torah portion), Moses reports back to God about his effort to convince the Israelites that God would free them from slavery.  The text tells us that the people were unable to hear Moses’ hopeful message because their spirits were “crushed by cruel bondage.”  (Ex. 6: 9) How do we respond when local, national or world events crush our spirits?  Do we begin to tune out anything that provides sparks of hope in the darkness?  Recent events have brought a sense of despair to many in the U.S.  In truth, this happens almost any time that there is a significant shift in the political landscape.  In response to America’s recent transition of power, a nonpartisan group of 100 religious scholars have chosen to speak their minds, to America’s new leaders, but also to each of us, during the first 100 days of the new Administration.  To subscribe to these daily, inspirational letters, go to