June 2015

Greetings again, this time as the days grow longer and the temperature warmer. As you enjoy outdoor activities, I wanted to let you all know about what the BHT community can expect in the new fiscal year 2016.

What does the future bring for our congregation and community? Many organizations like to use mission statements, or develop goals & objectives. I believe these sorts of simple statements help define and focus activities and allow leaders, volunteers and interested parties to understand what we believe and where we wish to go.

Beth Hillel should be an easy place to join, an easy place to operate/administer and an easy and safe place to use or experience.

Any easy place to join implies simplicity in what we ask of our members and prospective members as well as how we tell them of our value. The member commitment process allows us to communicate the financial needs of the congregation in a meaningful way while also keeping the reasons to sustain a community like ours clear in everyone’s mind.

An easy place to operate and administer may not touch many members directly but will have significant impact on the overall community. Making valuable employee and volunteer hours that much more effective can free us to invest in other things that strengthen us. Welcoming new members, creating new adult activities – helping those who may not count many of our members as friends make stronger connections are just some of the possibilities here.

An easy place to use and a safe place will involve both short-term and longer-term investments. In the short-term we continue to reach out to new and existing members to find out what they need from us, and bring new ideas for involvement and activity. Longer-term we invest in the building and grounds to increase safety, reliability and accessibility.

As the LC conducts its work this upcoming year, we will keep these 3 concepts in mind.