Ki Tavo September 7, 2017

A list of blessings and curses greets us in the middle of Ki Tavo.  They are to be pronounced after the Israelites settle the Land of Israel, which they will soon settle.  Among the curses, we find:  “Cursed be the one who subverts the rights of the “ger.”  The word “ger” is often translated as “stranger,” but a better translation is “sojourner” or “newcomer” or “one who dwells with you.”  The root of this word means “dwell.”  The people whose rights we are commanded to uphold are those such as immigrants and temporary workers in our midst.  The 800,000 “Dreamers,” young immigrants who received temporary legal status (through DACA) in the United States, are in this category.  This week the Administration announced that DACA is to be ended.  Will Congress act to protect those affected?  As Jews, it is imperative that we make our voices heard so that the “Dreamers” rights are not overturned.