March 2016

As I write this message, the snow is very reluctantly receding but I know that spring will eventually be near. Let’s take a moment to discuss what the LC has been working on:

I want to thank Jeff Zivan and Jenny Vercammen for their help in updating, organizing and improving the accounting practices in the office. While we had processes in place, the improvements allow for the better use of technology and quicker visibility into our overall financial health which I can say is good for a community our size.

We will be preparing for the Rabbi’s sabbatical year; thank you for the volunteers that have showed a willingness to help us plan for this period. Careful planning will ensure that needed tasks continue and also allows our Rabbi to explore educational and other endeavors that bring her back to us refreshed and energized.

Continuing in that vein, BHT volunteers are also assisting us with updating policies, procedures and all the “back of the house” things that while not always evident to the membership are vital to make sure things are well-run and understood. This ties in with the LC’s mission to make BHT an 
easier place to use and operate. More to come as we progress along this path.

Members are always welcome to attend an LC meeting, dates are on the calendar but generally follow the second Tuesday of each month at 6:45 p.m. Come join us and share your thoughts on how we are doing.