Member Community Commitment

Our Member Community Commitment is a Great Success.

2018 – 2019


Two years ago, the leadership of the congregation came to you, the members, with a proposal for a new approach to annual member support for Beth Hillel Temple. Instead of outlining a set amount for dues, we told you what the Temple needed and asked each of you to be stakeholders in support of the community as a whole. We concluded it was time for Beth Hillel Temple to adopt a more progressive “Member Community Commitment” program. Past membership dues levels were communicated to each of you, and how that compared to what an apportioned cost of annual operation was, to allow members to confirm the level of support they were best able to provide to our community.

Our intent was that this cooperative process better aligned with Beth Hillel Temple’s values and reinforced our goals to be inclusive and welcoming to all regardless of financial means. Importantly, the system was meant to reinforce each member’s understanding of their individual role in sustaining our Jewish community and ensure Beth Hillel Temple has the funds required to sustain high quality programming and education for all ages, maintain our building, and afford our highly experienced full time Rabbi. This year our overhead has resulted in a sustaining membership costing $2600.

The Member Community Commitment has been a success!

At present, the congregation has about 130 member families. This number has held fairly steady over the past several years.

Since the inception of this program members have commited to and pledged almost the same amount each year


New members have commented that they appreciate the low-pressure approach of being given the chance to determine the level at which they will support the congregation.  Established members have commented that this approach allows for a more positive sense of engagement with the Temple.

What next? 

If you have not fulfilled your Member Community Commitment for the 2018 – 19 year, please do so at your earliest convenience.  You should have received an invoice recently identifying any outstanding amounts between what you pledged and have paid. If you cannot fulfill your MCC pledge, please fill out a new pledge form with your updated commitment.  This allows us to continue to keep our budget current.

If we have met the amount budgeted for the year, why do we still need members to fulfill pledges they have made but not paid?  The Member Community Commitment provides only about half of the funds needed by the Temple.  Maximizing this source protects the Spiritual Legacy Fund which is being spent down and must be replenished by further fundraising efforts.

We happen to be an unusual small congregation in that we have chosen to work hard to maintain a full time Rabbi, a building of our own, and a robust education for our children. These factors have led to the caring community we cherish. The pledges committed help pay for all of this. The money collected ultimately determines the level of programming and staff we can have.

Soon members will receive a request to submit their 2018 – 2019 pledge. Please return your MCC pledge by July 20, 2018. This can be done at the Temple website or by mail.

 It is essential that every member affirm their continued membership and stake in the congregation by completing their pledge. If we do not hear from you by July 20, 2018, we will assume you have committed at a level equal to what you pledged last year plus 3%. Thank you all for being a stakeholder in this congregation we all hold dear