Responding to the Tragedy in Pittsburgh

Our Temple group that enjoys an on-going class of Great Decisions abandoned their planned class Sunday and instead developed a list of things you may wish to do in response to the tragedy in Pittsburgh. The document generated is seen below.


In an attempt to make sense of the violence and hatred evidenced in the tragic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, BHT’s Great Decisions Discussion Group suspended its planned agenda and spent Sunday morning sharing concerns about the current national climate.  We found comfort in being together.

We concluded by identifying strategies for action:

  1. Encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and others to VOTE.

2. Contact your legislators and ask why they are silent in these troubling times.  Let them know that “inaction is action.”

3. To show direct support for Congregation Tree of Life in Pittsburgh, support a local Pittsburgh organization. Check out            this site:

4. Find out what to do when you encounter hate speech or activity; how to react, who to contact, etc. (“see something,                   say something”)

5. Make a donation or join an organization that is a watchdog for anti-semitism, racism, etc. The following are examples:





Southern Poverty Law Center




Religious Action Center


For more information re the Great Decisions Discussion group, contact Esther Letven (