Spiritual Legacy Fund



shabbatThe Spiritual Legacy Fund (SLF) was established as a tribute to Rabbi Dena Feingold in celebration of her 25 years of service as the spiritual leader of Beth Hillel Temple (1985-2010).

The fund was designed to support the following areas of focus:

  • Professional spiritual leadership (e.g., rabbi, cantor)
  • Religious Education (e.g. religious educators, religious school supplies)
  • Ritual Functions (e.g., Shabbat services, holidays)
  • Religious Artifacts (e.g., preservation of torahs, purchasing of prayer books)

The fund disbursements and investments for the SLF will be administered by the Beth Hillel Leadership Council, led by the counsel of it’s Treasurer and in consultation with the Temple’s Financial Management Team. Fund distributions will not exceed $35,000 in any single fiscal year, however, extraordinary spiritual related expenses may be approved by unanimous consent of the Leadership Council.