Sukkot October 4, 2017

There are two different Torah readings for Sukkot.  On the first day, we read about the observance of Sukkot in biblical times from the Book of Leviticus.  On Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed Sukkot (the Shabbat during the festival), we read from the Book of Exodus a passage that has nothing to do with Sukkot.  Or does it? In this passage, Moses asks to see God’s glory, and God answers:  “I will make all of My goodness pass before you….” (Ex 33: 19)  God has Moses stand in the cleft of a rock so that “you will see My back, but My face shall not be seen.” (33:23) This passage was chosen because Sukkot is a festival on which we are invited to appreciate what God provides in the world by spending time outside in the brilliance of the fall harvest season and by experiencing joy in the Sukkah.   In so doing, we do not see God, but God’s goodness does indeed pass before us.”  May you find yourself enjoying nature and camaraderie in a Sukkah this coming week.  Chag Samei’ach!