Terumah 2016 Feb 13 / 4 Adar I, 5776

It is fitting that this week’s parasha deals with the creation of the first structure designed for Jewish worship, the mishkan or tabernacle of our ancestors’ wilderness wanderings. For this week, at Beth Hillel, we will once again consider the past forms of worship we experienced throughout our 90-year history as a congregation. Volumes have been written on the development of Jewish worship from tabernacle to Temple, to synagogues, both ancient and modern. On Friday night, we will focus in on one small segment of that process—on the prayer book and prayer style used in Reform congregations in North America from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. Come and relive, or explore for the first time, with us the Gates of Prayer siddur and the worship transformation it represented when it came on the scene.

Exodus 25:1−27:19