Toldot – November 16, 2017

The word “toldot” means “generations,” but also often means “family history.” In Torah portion Toldot, we learn the family history of Isaac and Rebekah’s children, the twins Esau and Jacob. By the end of the parasha, they have gone in separate directions, Esau living in Canaan and Jacob heading to the ancestral homeland, Padan Aram, where he ends up settling for 20 years. The story of our people throughout history is one of pulling up stakes and moving to a new place, by choice or by force. This weekend of Toldot at Beth Hillel we will have two special events related to this theme: On Friday night, we will listen to a program about immigrants who wish to make a new life in the United States, only to be confronted with challenges at the U.S./Mexico border. On Saturday, we will have a cross-continent conversation with our “twin” congregation in Tivon, Israel, and we will share about our own family histories that have brought us to the places we now reside. Join us!