Tzav – April 7,2017

As we roll the Torah forward each week in the synagogue, the weight of the scroll shifts from the right side to the left.  At this time of year, the two sides are about even, making the role of the Hagbaha, the person who lifts and opens the Torah after it is read, a bit easier.  It is said that the exact midpoint of the Torah falls in this week’s Torah portion, Tzav, and that it falls on the verse:  “And he put upon him the tunic” [Leviticus 8:7-8], referring to the clothing of the High Priest.   Apparently, in some Chumashim (Torah commentaries), it is printed in the margin at this spot:  “Half the Torah in verses.”  In this week’s Parashat Hashavuah, weekly Torah portion study session at 9:30 on Shabbat morning, we are going to check if our Chumashim have this commentary.  And we will examine varying commentaries about what exactly is the midpoint of the Torah (it depends on who you ask and what you are counting!) and what meaning is found in the midpoints that are suggested.