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Annual Meeting FlowersBeth Hillel Temple Rosh Chodesh Group


The intent of this group is to honor the new Jewish month with a safe space for women (multigenerational, ages 18+) to share personal life experiences, learn how we as women connect to our Jewish faith and redefine ourselves.



  • Cheshvan (Oct 19 @ 6:30pm-Kayla’s house): History & Observance of Rosh Chodesh
  • Kislev (Nov 18): Holiday Traditions in your Family
  • Tevet (Dec 17): Body as a Temple: Rededication to Self-Appreciation
  • Sh’vat (Jan 16): Nurturing with Boundaries
  • Adar (Feb 15): Women of Valor
  • Nisan (Mar 17): Freeing your Inner Melody
  • Iyar (Apr 14): Shekinah: Feminine Qualities of G*d
  • Sivan (May 15): Portrait of a Woman


Free admission. 


Organizers: Kayla Arbet, Kendra Heffelman, & Terri Thornton