Zachor – March 10

D’Var Torah (A bit of Torah study from Rabbi Feingold) Zachor

The Shabbat that precedes Purim (in this year’s case, just as Shabbat ends, Purim begins) is known as Shabbat Zachor.  The word “zachor,” “remember” is taken from the special verses added to this week’s Torah portion:  “Zachor et asher asa l’cha Amalek,”  “Remember what Amalek,” the arch-enemy of the Israelite people, “did to you.” (Deut. 25: 17-19). In fact, in the Megillah, Haman’s lineage is traced to Amalek.  Remembering our enemies is, unfortunately, something of which we seldom have to be reminded as Jews.  Waves of antisemitism ebb and flow, but we seem to be experiencing a high tide moment in the United States right now.  It is disturbing and sad, but we are grateful that we live in a society in which our institutions: The police force, the courts, and our Constitution protect us from such threats and actions.  We must be ever vigilant against antisemitism and hatred and bigotry in all of its forms.  As Jews, we must “remember” to stand up for all who are the victims of hate and intimidation in these troubling times.