11 Sivan 5775 until sunset
יא סיון התשעה

Food of the month for May is
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Annual Meeting, June 12

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We will start with a Pot Luck Dinner at 5:30 pm- the LC will provide a main dish.  At 6:15 pm at our Annual Meeting we will celebrate our recent High School Graduates, elect the new Leadership Council, discuss our usual Annual Meeting information including the new approach to member annual support of the congregation, and celebrate Lois’ 10th Anniversary with BHT. After dinner we will enjoy Shabbat Services.

Annual Meeting Announcement

Leadership Council Slate

Current References to Dues in Bylaws

Proposed Changes to Bylaws Regarding Dues

Our Building- 360 panoramic view

Louis Davidson of the Synagogue360 project visited BHT in the summer of 2013.  He took the photos for the exhibit at that time. Beth Hillel is now included in this online exhibit, currently housed at the Beit Hatefusot museum in Tel Aviv.

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